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Sunday, August 10, 2008

To Can Or Not?

I never thought as a modern day grandma I would ever be thinking about learning to Can. But with the price of things in the marketplace maybe its time to think about it. Now my Grandma she knew all about these things and tried her best to teach me, but when can goods were 20 cents a can it didn't seem important for me to pay attention.
So now I'm surfing the web on a quest to can or not can that is my question.
I don't even have a garden but I did find this site it works for all states.
Here are a few tips I pick up today from this very helpful site.

More Canning Tips and Do's/Don'ts
Do not use overripe fruit. Canning doesn't improve the quality of food, so if you start out with low quality, it will only get worse in storage. Plus
Do not add more low-acid ingredients (onions, celery, peppers, garlic) than specified in the recipe. This may result in an unsafe product.

Don’t add substantially more seasonings or spices, these items are often high in bacteria and excess spices can make a canned item unsafe. I doubt whether increasing a spice from 1 teaspoon to 2 in a batch of 7 quarts will have any adverse effect, but use some common sense and don't go overboard.

Do not add butter or fat to home-canned products unless stated in a tested recipe. Butters and fats do not store well and may increase the rate of spoilage. Adding
butter or fat may also slow the rate of heat transfer, and result in an unsafe product.

Thickeners - With the exception of "Clear-Jel" which has been tested in USDA and university food labs, do not thicken with starches, flour, or add rice, barley or pasta to canned products – this applies to both savory products (such soups and stews), sauces and pickled items. Items that thicken products will absorb liquid during processing and slow the way in which the food heats. Under-processing and unsafe food could result.
ClearJel® starch has been tested in pie filling recipes - here's where to get it:

Oh by the way they have a list of the farmers markets in your area and farmers who you can pick your own veggies.
I bet my Grandma would have a big smile on her face if she could read this article.

So if you want to learn more just click on TO Can Or Not To Can at the top this article.

Please leave any tips you have in the comments.

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