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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If you have a whole wall free, painting it over with blackboard paint will create an instant conversation piece, and it’s perfect for indecisive decorators who’d like to change their look every week. For the biggest impact, paint the surrounding walls in white or bold colors such as red, purple or blue.
You’ll need:
cleaning cloth and sugar soap
Sugar soap is called TSP in the US. (It's tri-sodium phosphate) Make sure it does have all 3 types of sodium phosphates, sometimes it doesn't have all of them. Dilute the powder in water according to directions.

Paint stirrer
Paint brush or roller
1. Clean the surface thoroughly. If you’re painting over a standard emulsion (matte) paint, you can paint directly onto the surface. If the existing surface is vinyl paint, wood or metal, you’ll need to apply primer before you start.
2. Stir the paint vigorously for at least five minutes, reaching right to the bottom of the can to ensure an even color and finish. You’ll also need to stir the paint at regular intervals during application.
. Apply two or three coats using a brush, or six coats if you’re using a roller. Allow four hours drying time and check the paint is completely dry before adding further coats.
4. The blackboard should be ready to use after 24 hours. There’s no need to restrict your blackboard to a patch on the wall. Blackboard paint works well on fridge or cupboard doors, table tops and even the back of the bathroom door .
It can also give a new lease of life to old objects like globes, mirrors, photo frames and filing cabinets.
You can buy blackboard paint in a range of pot sizes, while stock smaller pots of Chalk wall paint in green, blue, pink, purple and black.

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