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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love the idea of making your mark on the world.
This chalk board takes up little space. Set this in your child's room and see what they write, What kid doesn’t like to play with chalk?
This is just cool, From the Kids down to the Grandparents every can use this project ..
This project is so versatile :
You could add a wall to a child ‘s playroom , he and his friends could be creative together.
How about a wall in Dad's work shop or Garage?
If you home school a blackboard in you study area would be just the thing.
But there is no limit to the things you could use this technique on.
From the back of a door ,you would have a family message center .
Or on the inside of a cupboard so you could jot down what you running out of .
Do a wall in your kids clubhouse or playhouse .

This is how you do it:

Gesso Can be purchase online at art supplies or craft stores.

1. Used classroom globe (You may have one sitting collecting dust, If not check Craig’s list or e-bay or yard sales to save that dime).
2. Chalkboard Paint
3. Spackle
4. Newspapers
5. Gesso : with squirt of black acrylic paint).(
a prepared surface of plaster or plaster like material for painting, gilding, etc.

6. Coat Hanger
Remove the earth globe from mount, bend coat-hanger into straight wire. stick through globe. hang the skewered planet over a layer of newspapers, sandpaper globe smooth using Spackle in any cracks. After every sanded Spackling job paint with a coat of black gesso. This will show you where you need more spackle in addition to getting things dark and primed for the eventual chalkboard paint. When the paint is dry roll up the layer of newsprint careful not to spill any dust or paint drips and throw it in the trash. Re-bend the coat hanger back and return to closet. Mount the sphere into the globe mount. Now just wait and see what they write on it

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