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Sunday, March 7, 2010


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Tips to get a sunless tan

I am reposting this because I just had a melanoma removed from my leg last week. No more tanning beds for me. So, how long has it been since you had a skin cancer check? It could save your life.
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This was sent to me by another Sun Goddess

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! I think this is a pretty-much obvious part of the process by now, but it really WILL make or break your tanning experience! I suggest a sugar-based scrub with some fruit enzymes in it (that way you have both physical (sugar grains) AND chemical exfoliation (from the enzymes)which will penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin);Great products to try: Freeman Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub or Freeman Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

2. Towel off and get out of the bathroom! Let the steam and humidity in there dissipate before you even THINK about starting the actual process. Steam/heat= open pores=streaky,blotchy,uneven results(TRUST ME ON THIS ONE- I took one for the team=)

3. Apply baby oil GEL (much easier to control than regular baby oil- you won't have it dripping all over your body)to the areas that absorb more tanner-ankles,elbows, kneecaps, and wrist joints- then apply the remaining amount to your HANDS and massage up over the wrist joints- this will combat that lovely tell-tale indicator of the self-tan:the dark wrist-ring (until you get it right, rely on cute bracelets=)

4. PUT ON LATEX or Vinyl GLOVES)- this is a MUST-end of story. There just isn't a truly effective way to keep your palms from turning brown without them,even if you stop every 2 minutes to wash your hands. Plus, you're far too likely to drip water on yourself. It isn't worth the hassle, and tan palms are the most obvious sign of a rookie!

5. Apply self tanner from lower body UP... I don't know where the idea about doing it the other way around came- even skinny women often have the tummy skin that creases when bending over completely, and if you do self-tanner on the upper body first, you will have fine lines that are brown and creased as a result

6. Apply in circular motions with an upward movement, massaging well into skin. Be sure to apply less to knee and elbow area, even though you have the baby oil. IF you've self-tanned before, you know that these areas LOVE self-tanner

7. Take off gloves. Apply a little bit more of the baby oil gel to your hands, paying attention especially to the knuckles and wrist area. It should be a thin coating, not gloppy or thick. Use an old towel to dab off any excess gel. Grab a little triangular make-up sponge and put a very small amount of self-tanner on, letting it absorb into the sponge a bit before application. Then LIGHTLY run it over your fingers and hand, being sure to go lightly on wrist area and BLEND BLEND BLEND upwards to above your wrist (this ensures you won't have the wrist-ring effect). 8. Now you are done- Be patient! IF you get dressed too soon, you will end up with streaks and have all that hard work be a waste! This is why I recommend quicker-drying options like the tanning foams- see below =) After your skin feels basically dry to the touch, put on some old clothes and hit the sheets! And get ready to be so happy after you shower in the morning. It will all be worth it once you catch that glimpse of yourself glowing back at you in the mirror! A few tips: - If you have a manicure, apply some vaseline or baby oil gel to the nail so they don't turn brown - It isn't necessary to use scrubs BEFORE EVERY application, especially if you are doing it on consecutive nights- only use the scrubs once or twice a week since they can be rather abrasive. On the other nights, a basic loofah will lift up any dead cells just fine. - USE FAKE BAKE TANNING FOAM- it's $27 at Ulta, but I have used just about everything out there,and it is HANDS-DOWN THE BEST- we used it at the salon I worked at,and I would pay twice that for it (don't tell Fake Bake!). There's a dark brown color guide to it so you aren't blindly piling it on or guessing if it's even (when you shower in the morning the color guide will come off- this is supposed to happen- your brown tan will stay,so don't worry),it's formulated with a patent-pending technology to promote a deeper brownish (READ: NOT ORANGE)tan by working with your individual skin's chemistry so anyone can have natural results,lasts far longer than anything else I've used before, fades uniformly (like an actual tan), and dries so quickly (A HUGE plus, because really, do we want to spend all our free-time doing this? It's hard enough to find sfree-time for most women in the first place)! Apply it before bed, wait 15 minutes, and wa-la you are done!Sleep in some old pajamas- the color guide (not the actual tan) will come off just a little like most of them do, and although it washes out of your clothes,it is better safe than sorry. I can't even tell you how happy I was the first time I woke up and showered. Truly remarkable stuff. However,if you are typically a Jergens-daily moisturizer- hint of tanner type of girl, this may not be your cup of tea, since it really is a noticeable tan. I have relatively fair skin and with 2 applications I have a wonderful deep, natural tan that I only need to maintain by a once weekly application). AND for the record,I DO NOT sell the stuff!Like I said, go to Ulta or the Fake Bake website to get it =)Clarin's makes good tanners as well (according to many clients-I've been using Fake Bake for 3 years and refuse to try anything else) --Moisturize the heck out of your skin in between self-tanner applications. All self tanners do tend to dry the skin out to some degree,and besides, moisturizer helps seal in the color and bind the tanner to the skin, which prolongs your tan-life and means less maitenence applications for you =)
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