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Thursday, February 5, 2015


This is a rant. I don't think I have ever done a rant on this blog.
 I feel the time has come.
I was in my local Khol's store today. Just checking out the clearance and passing some time. I began to talk to one of the ladies working there. She was checking on a price for me. We began to talk about things like insurance and retirement. 
    When she mentioned  that they had been told, this company will no longer give the employees any paid vacations or personal time with pay. I don't even work there and this makes me upset. Some times I feel this country is going backwards.
   I know some of you are saying well she should quit and get another job. I don't think she should have to quit and find another job. When people work hard for a company they should get something for there efforts. 
     I will no longer be shopping there. This store charges top dollar for the products they sell. They should treat their workers with some dignity. I have worked over 45 years at many different jobs. Some not paying much, Other paying more. But never once did I have a job that didn't at least give a one week vacation or paid personal time. This is not the Eighteen Hundreds or early Nineteen Hundreds.
  When people had to start unions just to be treated fairly. 
Come on Kohl's you can do better than that, for the people who keep your stores running.
Until you do I won't give you any of my hard earned dollars. 
I would like to know how you readers feel about this.  
These are my feelings, based on the conversation I had with the store associate. 

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