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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What I purchased at Kroger for 11.87

I spent $11.87 today and I saved 61.82 at
I came home with 10 boxes of the finish dish tabs 20 count, 10 cans of Rotel, and 10 cans of

Progresso soups. These items where at their lowest price point. and with coupons it was the right time to stock-up.

Save-a-dime: CVS last day for Irish spring deal

Irish Spring      Just sent the hubby out to pick a great deal at CVS, I almost forgot about.
 Check your coupon stocks if you have 4 of the $1.00 off coupons this deal is sweet
 I went in to the deal with 4 $1.00 of coupons and a $1.00 reward.
 You have to buy 4 of the 6bar packs of Irish Spring they are on sale for $3.00 not a bad price. That will come to $12.00 when they applied my $5.00 worth of coupons that is $7.00 out of pocket.
(If you have more reward bucks you can save even more.)
But the best part is they gave me back $6.00 in rewards .
 I saved $16.16 with the sale price and coupons alone.
 And the hubby brought me home $6.00 to shop the next add with. Today is the last day for this deal, so if you have the coupons and the time you can save a lot of dimes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

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 This is a great stock up price with the sale and coupons it 9 cents a can.....

With coupons and sale these bags ar 49 cents a box
Sale and coupons 72 cents a pack.......Time to stock up

So here"s what  I got for $15.35  6 boxes OF Hefty bags, 4 cans of Rotel had to get a rain check at 9 cents a can they sold out. 10 packs of tuna, and 10 cans of Progesso Soup. This haul saved me 72% I love a great deal.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Tightwad Gazette: Rite Aid Coupon Deals for the week of 1/20-1/26

The Tightwad Gazette: Rite Aid Coupon Deals for the week of 1/20-1/26

Check out her list it will save you some dimes
What can you buy for $56.00 and some coupons
6 large bottles of Kens dressing 
2 2 large bottles of Hunts Ketchup
one box Culturelle pro-biotics  (when you get my age you use them lol)
6 reach dental floss
4 boxes of Special k crackers
10 bottles of ice drink
1 deli chicken
2 bags of frozen hash browns
1 apple pie
1zero water
1 frozen corn

1 bag tootsie pop
10 cans grands biscuits
10 cans progress soup
10 packs of pasta
12 lean cuisines
2 pk skinny cow ice cream
10 cans cream of chicken soup
10 cans of tomato soup
2 pack frozen collard flower
3 jars of nivia creams
6 pack of riccola drops
1 case of ramen noodles
and I have 24.00 dollars of RR's to use at rite aid this week

All these items where either at the lowest price point or free.

Not a bad week I was able to replace things I was running low on.

About to to check out this weeks deals.
What was your best deal ?

My new Coupon Hero

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