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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save-a-dime: PBS EPISODE 2 of EMMA

Monday Feb.1,2010 till Mar. 9,2010

I am a football widow today, so I think I will see what Emma is up to...

Save-a-Dime: Real Men Use Coupons Too...

My hubby just got back from Kroger, he went to pick up his super bowl snacks.
So I decided to check out the Kroger ad, I saw they had some things on sale BOGO that I knew I had coupons for and they had some ten for 10 deals I also had coupons for, and my coupons were in the car.
So I got on the cell phone and called him, of course he was already in the store, and he pointed out to me the car was on the far side of the parking lot, but if I have to whine to save some money so be it.
He went to the car got the coupons, and called me back, he didn't think the Gorton's $1.00 off coupons would apply to the large bags that were BOGO. I was sure they would, which would bring this item down from $7.99 a bag to 3.99 a bag and I had a dollar off coupon for each bag making them $2.99 a bag.
So rather that tell him I was right and he was wrong, I suggested that he have a clerk check and see if it applied. (I was right).
     He got the rest of his items and went to checkout the items I asked him to pick up came to 38.86
before store promos and coupons. After the promos and coupons the Cost was 14.08........
He told me there was a woman in line who notice how much he saved and commented that men don't usually
 use coupons. He let her know his wife told him to use them. (LOL)  But I think he was pleased that he
save over 50% on the items.
And I was grateful he picked up the items for me. So if you haven't taught your husband where you keep the coupons stash in the car, you should.

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