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Saturday, March 21, 2009


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I love this site you can print coupons, and
make your grocery list right from your favorite
store's ad... It saves me a lot of time.
If you have not checked this out yet,

Save-a-dime: The Fragance Collection by Glade

Glade has released a new coupon for $4.00 off any product from The Fragrance Collection by Glade. This coupon is for their new line of Reed diffusers and Soy candles. These coupons go really quickly, so print them off while you can. But don't use them yet! Hold onto them until the beginning of April. These are originally priced at $5.99 at Walgreen. In the April Easy Saver booklet, there will be a $2.00 off coupon for these products. Combine the two coupons, and you will have FREE Glade products in April.The Glade coupons can be printed off twice. So after you print it out the first time, hit the back button and print it out again.

I want to thank Jennifer at the for this tip

Save-a-dime:ANGEL FOOD

A P R I L 2 0 0 9M E N U

Balanced nutrition and variety with enough food to feed a family of four for a week.

2 lb. Chicken Breast Stir Fry (Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast Chunks)

2 lb. Breaded Breast Fillet

1 lb. Steak Fajita Strips

20 oz. Supreme Pizza

28 oz. Jumbo Beef Patties With Gravy

1 lb. All Meat Hot Dogs

10 oz. Individually-Wrapped Cheese (16 slice)

1 lb. Mixed Vegetables

2 lb. French Fries

12 ct. White Corn Tortillas

1 lb. Rice

15 oz. Peach Halves

6 oz. Pancake Mix

32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk

Dozen Eggs
$30.00 box
Senior box $30.00
New Orleans Style Chicken over Savory Rice with Okra & Tomatoes and Diced Sweet Potatoes
Grilled Chicken Strips & Penne Pasta with Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce, Capri Blend Vegetables and Green Beans with Onions and Red Peppers
Beef & Bowtie Pasta with Herbed Tomato Sauce, Capri Blend Vegetables and Corn
Flame-Broiled Salisbury Steak with Brown Gravy, Sour Cream & Chive Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables
Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole with Rice, Green Beans and Squash Medley
Classic Chicken Tetrazzini with Diced Carrots and Green Peas
Country Fried Steak with Cream Gravy, Red Skin Whipped Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables
Spaghetti with Meatballs, Green Beans and Cinnamon Applesauce
Chicken Parmesan with Whipped Potatoes and Capri Blend Vegetables
Flame-Broiled Beef Patty with Onion Gravy, Sour Cream & Chive Potatoes and Capri Blend Vegetables
10 2-pack, individually-wrapped cookies


1 lb. Breaded Chicken Tenders

1 lb. Breaded Chicken Breast Chunk (Boneless Wing)

1 lb. Breaded Chicken Nuggets

1 lb. Breaded Chicken Pattie

1 lb. Breaded Steak Fingers
Breaded items are battered with water, white rice, brown rice, modified tapioca starch, flax seed, sugar, salt, spices, dehydrated garlic, spice extractives and oleoresin paprika. They are then breaded with white rice, brown rice, modified tapioca starch, flax seed, sugar, dextrose, salt, spices, dehydrated garlic, spice extractives and oleoresin paprika. Breading is pre-browned in Canola oil.

New!!FISH & SHRIMP SEAFOOD BOXThe Long-Awaited Seafood Box is Here!
2 lb. Alaskan Salmon Fillets (8 x 4 oz. vacuum-pack)

2 lb. IQF Whiting Fillets(4 oz.-6 oz. fillets)

2 lb. IQF Large Shrimp(26-30 per lb.)
$35.00 box

***One or More Specials Below Available Only with the Purchase of One of the Standard Boxes Above***
APRIL SPECIAL #16 lb. Assorted Meat Box $22.00
1.5 lb. T-Bone Steaks (2 x 12 oz.)2 lb. Lean All-Beef Hamburger Steaks (4 x 8 oz.)1.5 lb. Boneless Pork Roast1 lb. Mild Italian Sausage with Cheese

APRIL SPECIAL #24.5 lb. Meat Combo $21.00
3 lb. Ribeye Steaks (6 x 8 oz.)1.5 lb. Bacon-Wrapped Pork Fillet (4 x 6 oz.)
APRIL SPECIAL #35 lb. Steak and Pork Combo
1.5 lb. Kansas City Strip (2 x 12 oz.)1.5 lb. Bone-In Ribeye (2 x 12 oz.)2 lb. Thick-Cut Boston Butt Chops (4 x 8 oz.)

APRIL SPECIAL #4Chicken Breast Fillet Box $21.00
10 lb. IQF Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

APRIL SPECIAL #56 lb. Hamburger Steak Box $18.00
Just In Time for Grill Season!6 lb. Lean All-Beef Hamburger Steaks (12 x 8 oz.)

APRIL SPECIAL #6Fresh Fruit and Veggie Box $22.00
3 lb. No. 1 Premium Idaho Baking Potatoes
3 lb. No. 1 Premium North Carolina Sweet Potatoes
1 pkg. Wiley’s Sweet Potato and Yam Seasoning
1 head Premium Green Cabbage
1 lb. No. 1 Premium California Baby Whole Peeled Carrots2
Premium 1015 Jumbo Sweet Onions
1 each Premium Red, Yellow, Orange & Green Bell Peppers
2 Premium California Lemons
1 head Premium California Iceberg Lettuce
4 Washington State Premium Bosc Pears
4 Washington State Premium Red Delicious Apples
1 Premium Golden Ripe Pineapple
1 Premium Sweet Cantaloupe
April Fruit and Veggie Recipe Sheet

APRIL SPECIAL #7Valencia Orange Box $14.00
Sweet and Juicy — Peak of the Season!2/5 Bushel Tree-Ripened Valencia Oranges(approximately 40-50 oranges per box)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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