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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reason why we should teach our children to bake

Reason to bake with our Children or Grandchildren.
I remember talking with my son’s grandma about the memories she had of her grandma teaching her to bake cookies. You could see a happy nostalgic look in her eye. Needless to say she taught my son to bake, at 21 one he still enjoys it.I bet he thinks of his grandma every time he greases a cookie sheet.

Baking is a good teacher of other things our children need to learn,
Develop patience and precision. If you miss measure or skip a step, your baking project will disappoint
Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary. Recipes are good practice for other kinds of instructional reading.
Cultivate scientific curiosity. What makes a cake rise? What happens when you heat chocolate? Kids love baking “magic” and the explanations behind it.

Organize and follow through. From shopping for ingredients through cleaning up, baking projects show kids the value of doing a job properly and thoroughly.
Don’t tell them they are learning just let them think they are having fun.
Children as young as two or three can participate in simple baking activities such as pouring, stirring, and decorating. By five or six, kids enjoy measuring, making cookie-cutter shapes, and using a rotary beater. At nine or ten, most children have the coordination to operate electric equipment such as blenders and microwave ovens and the reading skills to understand recipes.

It will be messy with beginners here’s how to keep it to a minimum:
Spread newspapers over tables or countertops to minimize sticky messes.
Wear an apron. Small children can wear one of your old
T-shirts over clothing.
Teach kids to clean as they go (and set a good example yourself).

Keep your temper…and your sense of humor.

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