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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What a great Idea to store spaghetti. Check this out on her blog,
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She use these to store boxes of spaghetti in her pantry. Great Idea ! If you get a chance go by her blog and read this article.

Saving some more dimes at Rite Aid

I had to make one more trip to Rite Aid this week. I had four coupons for $3.00 off any one of these products. They were on sale for buy one get 50% off the second one. It gets better because if you spend 15.00 you get $5.00 back in rewards.
    My card was already tracking $4.98 toward this deal. So after Coupons and rewards, I paid 2.85 out of pocket. This included $1.50 sales tax. I got Back $5.00 in rewards.
   Brought home 2 Moisture Rescue & 2 packs of the Towelettes.
As always a dollar or less free is best.
What kind of deals did you find this week?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still saving dimes at Rite Aid

Go to to print out coupons for $1.00 off 3 boxes of Kleenex.

Back to Rite-Aid to work out a monthly deal. This transaction is a little more work but well worth the effort. So remember I will be using my $12.00 dollars in rewards from yesterday. The monthly deal on this item is to spend 30.00 and get back $10.00. There is also Catalina's printing when you buy 8 boxes you earn a $2.00 Catalina. I printed 2 of the $1.00 of 3 coupons from and I had 5 of the 50 cents off 3 boxes coupons from the Sunday papers. I will be breaking this into 3 transaction so I can earn my $6.00 in Catalina's along with my 10.00 in rewards. Oh these tissues are on sale for BOGO this week. These 3 transactions will track on my loyalty card. Transaction 1 8 boxes with coupons and rewards out of pocket  was 1.71. I also got back a $2.00 Catalina. Remember I am only paying for 4 boxes four are free. I repeat this transaction and get back another Catalina for $2.00.
In the last transaction I will purchase 10 boxes paying for 5. (BOGO) 
I earn another $2.00 Catalina and a $10.00 dollar reward. This is $65.00 worth of Kleenex. 
My out of pocket on this after coupons & rewards came $17.81, 65.00-17.81=50.19 that is a savings of $50.19. I left the store with $6.00 in Catalina's and a 10.00 reward. Now if you remember I started this week with  $12.00 in rewards. I made them grow, now with the $6.00 in Catalina's and the $10.00 in rewards I am working with $16.00 of store money for the next deal I find. Stay tuned to see what that will be. 
Yes I know 26 boxes is a whole bunch of Kleenex. My son and I where both sick at the same time last month. We used up 10 boxes in less than 2 weeks. That is why I am stocking up while the price is right. So I won't be paying full price when we need it. You could do this deal twice if you have enough coupons sadly I did not. 
PS. the Rite Aid's in the Stockbridge -Mcdonough Ga. area have  all Christmas Clearance 75 percent off if you need anything now is the time to check it out.

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Save-a-Dime at Rite Aid

I started my retirement with the Flu. I have had 3 weeks of just awful. Yesterday I got up and made a trip to Rite Aid.

My  best deals there so far this week began with the Deal on Max-Freeze it was on page 4 of their weekly ad. It is normally $9.99 at my store. On sale for $5.00 limit one.(Good Price) I started this week out with $12.00 in Rewards from last week. So of course I picked up the Max-Freeze. On page 12 the Colgate Total is on sale for $2.99 on the 5.8 oz size limit 2 there are 50 cents coupons for those of you that have been getting the Sunday papers. Making them 2.49 the best part is you earn a $2.00 ups on each one.
I used part of my $12.00 rewards from last week to pay for these items.
 I earned back
 back $9.00 in rewards.
A dollar or less, Free is best. We have 2 Rite Aid cards. The next day my hubby repeated this transaction. Using coupons and rewards and he also got back $9.00 in rewards. So by rolling my rewards from day to day my out of pocket was sales tax. And I still have 12.00 in rewards for tomorrow.

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