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Saturday, October 1, 2011


I made a quick run into CVS today. They had the Excedrin Migraine 8 ct. for 99 cents. The kicker is they give you back the 99 cents in RR's, it had a limit of 2. The first thing you always want to do at CVS is scan your card, to see what coupon is waiting in the machine for you. I scanned the card, out pops $1.50 off anything coupon. ( I just love it when that happens.)
      So I check out and the total is $2.00. I hand the clerk my $1.50 off coupon. She tells me I owe them 50 cents. The receipt is printing  and out comes $1.98 in RR's . A money making deal! Out of pocket 50 cents.
 I made $1.48 on that deal.
       My hubby loves tomato soup.  CVS had Campbell's Tomato Soup for 59 cents a can.
3 cans into the cart, that comes to $1.77. I need a filler item so I can pay for the soup with the $1.98 RR's.
          Oh look, a table marked 75% off , I spot a package of envelopes for 25 cents. Now, I am ready to check out. Total before tax is $2.02.  I hand her my $1.98 RR, the clerk proclaims that I owe them 14 cents.
 Out of pocket 64 cents:  for 2 8ct Excedrin Migraine, 3 cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup and 1 pack of envelopes.
I just love it when I save some dimes.

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