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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Coupons and Stockpiles go hand in hand.
A good coupon-er always  buys more than they will need, this will be the start of a stockpile for your family.

Please buy what your family uses. Then when the 85 inches of snow falls on your town you will look in your pantry, a smile will come across your lips, because you won't need to go out and fight for water, milk eggs  and bread. 

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A well stocked pantry can be a stress relief when faced with an emergency.

                                                       December is almost here.
I wish we would get a little snow this year.
Living in the South, I don't see scenes like this often.
What's the weather like for you?

Baja Style Pot Roast for Tacos Recipe ~ Noreen's Kitchen

Noreen is one of my favorite You Tubers.Check out her channel.


I have 14 more working day before I can join the retirement community. Where did the years go?

So I will have more time for this blog.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


If you are just starting down the coupon path to saving dimes. Please check out

This girl is fun to watch. Has great information. And she helps me save lots of dimes
. You can find her on Pinetrest too.


Am I the only one who feels Kroger let us down, When they stopped doubling coupons? Did they not say their prices would be lower?
 Okay so when do the lower prices start?
I shopped with Kroger every week for 35 years. Now sad to say, I pick up prescriptions there. And every once in a while I might pick up something if I have a great coupon and they have a great sale. Not to many great sales of late.
 So now I heart Publix.
 Kroger why do you forsake all your Crazy coupon ladies?


 This is my 1st transaction this week. I am starting the week with $9.00 in rewards

and 3 $5.00 dollar off 3 coupons for Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Shampoo, Flat to Volume, 12.6 oz.I will buy nine of these which will make my $30.00 if you buy $30.00 you get $10.00 back in rewards. I will pay $6.00 out of pocket and get $10.00 back in Rewards. Money maker I will use the $10.00 dollar reward tomorrow, on transaction 2. You always want to get rewards back on everything you purchase.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rite AidTransaction 2: I picked up 2 more Altoids, 5 Olay Body washes, 2 Granier Fructis shampoos and 2 6 packs of Mott's Applesauce. Went into this deal  with $12.00 in UPS left from my trip yesterday. I applied coupons in the amount of $7.10. The retail on these items before sale and coupons came to $47.10, My out of pocket was $22.09. The best part is I came home with $13.00 in UPS to use tomorrow, on transaction 3. In the past 2 days I have saved 44.49 off the items I purchased. And don't forget I Still have $13.00 in UPS to use on transaction 3.
It is important to learn to roll your UPS from one deal to the next, look for things you have coupons for that will give you back more UPS. Yes it does take a little time to save-a-dime.
If you coupon and are reading  this blog I would love to hear about your
best deal. Leave me a comment and happy shopping.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rite AidTransaction one Sunday 1/12/2014.
Started this deal with $6.00 in UP REWARDS.
 Turned the $6.00 into $12.00 UP REWARDS.I bought 2 cans of Atloids my price was $1.83 per can. Got back 2.00 in ups for each can. That makes them a money maker.  I purchased the Max Freeze Roll On for $8.00 and got back $8.00 in ups.  Before sale price and UP REWARDS the retail was $14.57. Out of pocket wad 5.65  that is a savings of $8.92. And I left the Store with $12.00 in  UP REWARDS to shop with tomorrow. I will let you know how far I can make this $12.00 dollars go.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Great deal at dollar general. THanks for the heads up Jane! I got 8 Boxes of Angel soft tissue, and 4 double roll packs of toilet paper the retail would Have been 20.00. I paid $6.10... Both products were $2.50 each but if you buy the 2 pack of facial tissue you Get the toilet paper free. Check your coupon stash for the 50 cent of coupon for The face tissue and the 45 cent off coupon for the T.P.I ALSO GOT A 5.00 OFF 30.00 COUPON.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Uploaded videos (playlist) t

Here are some deals coming next week. Thanks Jane for the heads up...

Save-a-dime : Great week to coupon

I am back.. This was a great week for deals at Rite Aid and CVS.  I got 565.00 dollars worth of merchandise I only spent $40.00 out of pocket . The best part is I have $51.00 dollars in rewards to shop  the ads next week. I saved more than I could have made on a part time job this week.
     It would take to long to tell you everything I brought home. 
    Up till this weeks the deals have been kind of slow. But this week I hit the mother load in coupon deals. I just don't get the people who say they don't have time to coupon. 
      I can't afford to leave things in the store that my family uses when I can get them for free or make money on taking them out of the store. Free money... tax free buying power. Yes it takes time to save-a-dime.  But it is so worth it. This week I save lots of dollars. Hope this weeks ad is as good.    

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What  can you buy for $1.30 at Kroger. This is what I got today thanks to coupons

The hubby and I did 4 transactions. (This is the only kind I can get my little Roxie to eat.)
 On the first transaction I bought 6 cans of Prepared Meals™ Beef & Chicken Medley With Green Beans, Carrots & Wild Rice these are regular price 1.99 each. On sale for 1.79 and I had a coupon for $3.00 off 6. I also had a $10.00 coupon I received for filling my prescriptions at their pharmacy. I added 3 ears of corn they were on sale for 3 for $1.00 and 1 pack of price1.29Vigo Yellow Rice when all was said and done I paid 3 cents for these items. Almost free. The best part is I have 3 more $10.00 off coupons. So I did this transaction one more time .
       After that we did a 3rd. transaction I was out of butter so I bought 3 lbs 2.79 each, a 2liter soft drink for 88 cents and another on for $1.00 out of pocket I paid 25 cents.
On to transaction 4, hubby and I  decided to buy a ready baked chicken for 7.99 2 four pack of Hawaiian rolls 99 cents each, 1 Diet Coke 1 liter and Coke Classic 1 liter.  This cost me 99 cents out of pocket.

Without coupons and taking the time to break down the transactions I would not have been able to bring home $49.93 of merchandise for $1.30 . That is a $48.63 cent savings. We were in the store for about 30 minutes.  I feel this savings was worth my time.  This is the best deal I have come across this month.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 lb. bagDid  you stop by Walgreen's to pick up your Epsom Salt  $4.00 dollars out of pocket. But you get the $4.00 back in rewards .
There are many uses for this product. It can be used for soaking sprains & bruises, Just add 2 cups to your bath waters.
            It is great for sore, smelly feet just mix 1/2 cup to a large pan of water and soak.
Did you know that soaking in Epsom Salt helps get rid of toxins in your body, and helps increase you magnesium level. So what are you waiting for, get your free bag at Walgreen's.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Swag Bucks ! It's like finding free cash....

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