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Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Tips on Snacks

Save money on your weekly snacks :
Think generic, unless you have a coupon for a brand name snack.
These are the snacks that save you money.
Popcorn: A treat almost everyone will eat, if someone just gets it popping for them.
Pretzels: They are almost always the cheapest snack on the snack isle. Pour some in a bowl where the family can see them, they will come and eat them! They won’t even miss their expensive Chips.
Carrot sticks: I find if they are prepared and ready to eat, everyone in my home will eat them.
Bananas: From baby to Granddad we all love this fruit. And it’s still a good buy at the marketplace.
Apples: are a great snack but if you are going to save-a-dime, check all the sale ads before you buy, then buy whole apples, prepackaged is effortless but you pay for it.

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