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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I know everyone tells us to buy in bulk, well that 25 lb bag of flour at Sam’s is cheaper per pound. But a family of four will end up throwing away a big portion of the flour because they don’t use it fast enough.
Here are some ideas.
Find three family members of friends who want to save start a friendship co-op.
You’ll need one person who has a warehouse membership.
A list of things that the 4 of you want to buy in bulk.
Now hop in the car, check out the price point.
Buy the things that save you money.
Go home and divide up your goodies.(catch up on a little gossip along the way)
A once a month trip could save you some dimes on many things you use everyday.
I find the bulk shopping keeps you out of the grocery store and you're less likely to buy on impulse.
Impulse is a budget breaker every time.
I hear someone saying this is too much trouble.
It just an afternoon with family on friends.
And everyone saves, what better way to spend some time.
My mother always said if you want anything in this word you have to put forth a little effort.

So start your your own Friendship Bulk Buying Co-Op

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