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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Are you a coupon clipper? Me too.
This site is cool all you have to do is enter your store's loyalty card number and click on the coupon. The next time you shop and the swipe your card the coupon amount is deducted.
and if you are luck and have a paper coupon for that product you will save some dimes.
Just click on the Free paperless online coupons underlined it will take you right to their site.


Anonymous said...

hello Casey,
i am RP from montreal, quebec, canada, you had mentioned about horsie picture, so,
i uploaded bigger size of the picture which would be useful.
you can download it from my site if you want.

Virginia Janet said...

I too want to get free paperless online coupons.

Zarebski said...

Wow..! Its really a great experience to get free paperless online coupons. I am so excited.

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