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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coupon Dede

I received my first batch of coupons from Coupon Dede, her link is in my side bar. Later today I will go by Publix to cash in on some BOGO deals. When I first starting using coupons, I bought 4 Sunday papers every week as Coupon Mon advised, this does work, however I had so many coupons I never used. I was filling up a landfill single handily . Then I found Coupon Clippers (also on my sidebar) I love them. I believe that you should fill your pantry with what you use, at the best price point. So I find that I can order multiple coupons of items my family uses, I will order 10 coupons, then when the BOGO comes a long I get 5 deals and double off the coupon price of each item. Now that will save some dimes! Today I will get Pickles at Publix BOGO 2.19 that is 1.09 a jar.
I will buy 5 deals , thanks to Coupon Dede I have 10 coupons, 50 cents off that will double to 1.00. When all is said and done I will have 10 jars of pickles in a variety for .09 cents a jar. (ladies you can't buy the jar that cheap.)  Don't you just love to save-a dime?
   Being I am a Southern Belle, my family can't live without Ice Tea, even in the winter.
So thanks to Coupon Dede I was able to get 12 coupons for 60 cents off Lipton Tea  and once again thanks to Publix BOGO I will stock up on tea bags and still save some dimes. 3.95 BOGO that is 1.97 a box 100 tea bags in a box. They won't double the 60 cent coupon but the 3.95 box will cost me 1.37 still saving some dimes. And I won't be in need of these items until they put them on sale again.

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