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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Any Human Heart on line free starting 2-14-11

 Just gotta love PBS

A young boy adrift in a boat on a placid river; a grizzled old man sorting through piles, boxes and books. Which is truly Logan Mountstuart — and how did the boy become the man? Old Logan opens a journal dated 1926, and we are transported into the past as Logan, a young man studying literature at Oxford and aspiring to become a great novelist, vows to lose his virginity. He woos Land Fothergill, an equally ambitious "undergraduette" and part time labor-party activist, and fantasizes about Tess, a local girl who is sleeping with Logan's close friend and main competitor, Peter Scabius. When Logan graduates, he consoles his dying father by promising to work in the dreary family business. But instead he joins his other university friend Ben in Paris, where a chance meeting with Ernest Hemingway reignites his dreams of writing. And so begins a life of passion pursued, from first love to true love, escaping a suffocating earldom with his wife Lottie, reporting from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War, and reveling in domestic bliss with Freya in Battersea.
His dying father had counseled him to "enjoy good luck when it comes your way. It's all luck in the end." Logan has hurt and been hurt, seen much of the world, become a father himself, and still, he is so young. But will his good luck hold out?
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Any Human Heart is available for online viewing
February 14 - March 22, 2011

1 comment:

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Casy..
I love stories about the lives of people who went before us..
The one thing I always wonder about is that it seems to me that back in the days that are spoken of, young women didn't just "sleep" with men lightly as they do today. I always wonder about that. I am a fifties child and it was most important to be a virgin when you married.
It just always amazes me when it finds it's way into tales of the past. Someone who behaved like that were labeled...strongly labeled.
I always wonder if it is added just for interest. To me I find the story hard to believe when I come upon that.
Am I the only one that thinks like this...or, am I just nieve? :)

p.s. You wouldn't have to go far to best the tablescape I put out there. I totally forgot my dinner plates and the glasses...and mercy knows what else... :)

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