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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A tip for you single men. Tonight I had my hubby help me with my coupons at the store.

He was standing at the end of an isle with my coupon tote, I look up and a woman had stopped to talk to him. She made a comment about how organized he was, and how she thought she was organized with her little envelope, of course I was quick to point out that he was only in training to be organized.

Then it hit me, if carrying the coupons made a woman notice a Grandpa of 4 soon to be five grandchildren.

Just think what it could do for you single 20 or 30 years old guys.

Note to the wives: don't leave your hubby unattended in a grocery store with your coupon box, you never know what he might pick up. ( Ha HA)

1 comment:

D and D said...

Just saw where you put on your following list. I will be adding you to mine----This was a funny post! I could so see that happening! Great tip for single guys...if they only knew!

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