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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tax Free Week-End for Georgia

I just got back from seven hours of back to school shopping.It was a family affair my daughters,my son, and two of my grandsons were there. So was the rest of the state of Georgia. JC PENNEY,has an abundance of clearance items (Some up to70% off) and they are giving a coupon at the door for $10.00 off $50.00 or $15.00 off $75.00. They also have the buy one get one for a dollar all over the store. Target is a mad house. School supplies are going fast.
If you need clothes, the clearance is out there, everything from pants to shoes to purses you can find it all at reduce price with no sales tax. Tomorrow is the last day for Ga. Tennessee has their tax free 7-30-08 to 08-03-08 so if you live there or on the state line read the article I posted. I bet they will have deals as good as I saw here today.
Remember to only look for the items you really need if you want to save-a-dime.
So make it a family day and find the best deals they are out there everywhere.

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