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Monday, August 25, 2008

Do you Know about Attic Tents?

Attic Tents are installed to stop the transfer of air and dirt between the attic and a living space. Typically, pull-down attic access stairs have a 1/4 gap around the door. This gap is the equivalent of a 7" diameter hole in the ceiling!
Benefits of Attic Tents
Creates an air-tight barrier, reducing energy loss year round
3.2 R-value
Stops transfer of humidity, dust and blown insulation particles
Contains no fiber glass materials
Zippers allow easy access
Exceeds National Building Code Requirements; ASTM E84-03 ( spread pays for itself in one to three years
What the experts say
"Similar impact as a typical double-pane window."
- Advanced Energy Corporation (AEC)
"By installing an Attic Tent, conservative figures show an average savings of approximately $18.00 per month, based on season, region & type/cost of energy source; actual savings may be much greater."
I think I see a project for my hubby $18.00 dollars a month that's $216.00 a year.
And that's alot of Dimes.

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