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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Scooter for Granny ?

Is a scooter the answer?

Like many of you am feeling the price of gas. My budget is taking a beating. I’ve been telling my husband I want a scooter. The problem is I am a little passed my prime and not very coordinated. Can a grandmother of 4 learn to ride a scooter ? This question has me surfing the web. I found this article it said A scooter can get 80 miles or more to a gallon. That's going to save me money (RIGHT) . The questions is, how much and how fast? I won’t save as much unless I get rid of the car. I can’t do that, it gets cold ,wet and hot outside.
So would it save me money on perfect days ? I would love to try one out just to see if I could be a Cool Granny.

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