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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Save-a dime at Rite-aid 1/26/15


This deal was done in 2 transactions. My Subtotal on each one was 95 cents.
These items have a Catalina  for $3.00. You must buy 3 in one transactions.If you do 2 transactions you will have 2 $3.00 Catalina's When your done. Also if you spend $20.00 combined in both transactions it will give you back a $5.00 up reward, at the end of transaction 2.
 I bought 3 shampoos And and one Blow it out heat spray on each transaction. I used  2 $2.00 off coupons  and one $4.00 off coupon , then applied $7.00 dollars of my up rewards from last week.  I did this on both transactions.

That was $39.32 retail for $1.90 out of pocket. I got $6.00 in Catalina's and a $5.00 up reward back.
You gotta love it when you make money on a deal.

This deal is good till Saturday so check you coupon stash and stock-up now.

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