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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still saving dimes at Rite Aid

Go to to print out coupons for $1.00 off 3 boxes of Kleenex.

Back to Rite-Aid to work out a monthly deal. This transaction is a little more work but well worth the effort. So remember I will be using my $12.00 dollars in rewards from yesterday. The monthly deal on this item is to spend 30.00 and get back $10.00. There is also Catalina's printing when you buy 8 boxes you earn a $2.00 Catalina. I printed 2 of the $1.00 of 3 coupons from and I had 5 of the 50 cents off 3 boxes coupons from the Sunday papers. I will be breaking this into 3 transaction so I can earn my $6.00 in Catalina's along with my 10.00 in rewards. Oh these tissues are on sale for BOGO this week. These 3 transactions will track on my loyalty card. Transaction 1 8 boxes with coupons and rewards out of pocket  was 1.71. I also got back a $2.00 Catalina. Remember I am only paying for 4 boxes four are free. I repeat this transaction and get back another Catalina for $2.00.
In the last transaction I will purchase 10 boxes paying for 5. (BOGO) 
I earn another $2.00 Catalina and a $10.00 dollar reward. This is $65.00 worth of Kleenex. 
My out of pocket on this after coupons & rewards came $17.81, 65.00-17.81=50.19 that is a savings of $50.19. I left the store with $6.00 in Catalina's and a 10.00 reward. Now if you remember I started this week with  $12.00 in rewards. I made them grow, now with the $6.00 in Catalina's and the $10.00 in rewards I am working with $16.00 of store money for the next deal I find. Stay tuned to see what that will be. 
Yes I know 26 boxes is a whole bunch of Kleenex. My son and I where both sick at the same time last month. We used up 10 boxes in less than 2 weeks. That is why I am stocking up while the price is right. So I won't be paying full price when we need it. You could do this deal twice if you have enough coupons sadly I did not. 
PS. the Rite Aid's in the Stockbridge -Mcdonough Ga. area have  all Christmas Clearance 75 percent off if you need anything now is the time to check it out.

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