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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Save-a-Dime at Rite Aid

I started my retirement with the Flu. I have had 3 weeks of just awful. Yesterday I got up and made a trip to Rite Aid.

My  best deals there so far this week began with the Deal on Max-Freeze it was on page 4 of their weekly ad. It is normally $9.99 at my store. On sale for $5.00 limit one.(Good Price) I started this week out with $12.00 in Rewards from last week. So of course I picked up the Max-Freeze. On page 12 the Colgate Total is on sale for $2.99 on the 5.8 oz size limit 2 there are 50 cents coupons for those of you that have been getting the Sunday papers. Making them 2.49 the best part is you earn a $2.00 ups on each one.
I used part of my $12.00 rewards from last week to pay for these items.
 I earned back
 back $9.00 in rewards.
A dollar or less, Free is best. We have 2 Rite Aid cards. The next day my hubby repeated this transaction. Using coupons and rewards and he also got back $9.00 in rewards. So by rolling my rewards from day to day my out of pocket was sales tax. And I still have 12.00 in rewards for tomorrow.

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