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Sunday, January 20, 2013

What can you buy for $56.00 and some coupons
6 large bottles of Kens dressing 
2 2 large bottles of Hunts Ketchup
one box Culturelle pro-biotics  (when you get my age you use them lol)
6 reach dental floss
4 boxes of Special k crackers
10 bottles of ice drink
1 deli chicken
2 bags of frozen hash browns
1 apple pie
1zero water
1 frozen corn

1 bag tootsie pop
10 cans grands biscuits
10 cans progress soup
10 packs of pasta
12 lean cuisines
2 pk skinny cow ice cream
10 cans cream of chicken soup
10 cans of tomato soup
2 pack frozen collard flower
3 jars of nivia creams
6 pack of riccola drops
1 case of ramen noodles
and I have 24.00 dollars of RR's to use at rite aid this week

All these items where either at the lowest price point or free.

Not a bad week I was able to replace things I was running low on.

About to to check out this weeks deals.
What was your best deal ?

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