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Sunday, November 20, 2011

save-a-dime: Kroger still has Carolina Turkeys for 59 cents a pound

I have always been a Butterball fan. However this year Butterball didn't offer any prices that would help me save a dime. So I tried Carolina brand that Kroger has for 59 cents a pound ( Dog food cost more that that. LOL) Yesterday I decide to roast one just to use for lunch meat, I was a little concerned this bird might not be the quality of a Butterball. Was I ever wrong. This was the most tender turkey I ever cooked the meat was falling off the bone. It is a great buy. Glad I stocked up I have 2 more in the freezer. If I had more room I would get some more. I did pressure can one from raw state . I mean really do you want to pay 5 to 6 a pound  at the deli or throw one into a roasting pan and pay 59 cents a pound. At this price I can share it with my Roxie

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