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Monday, October 10, 2011

Save-a-Dime: What can you get with your spare change at RiteAid.

I ran into Rite Aid on my lunch hour. I had $3.25 in my change purse. I was on a mission to see how far I could make it go.
Deal One: I had a coupon from the Rite Aid video  site, for $2.00 off  Prep. H Totable wipes. They were on sale for $3.00 I got 2.00 off  with the coupon, out of pocket 99 cents. You guessed it they gave me back the $3.00 so I could move on to DEAL 2. I know some of you are saying you don't use these things. And I am happy for you. However, for those of us who have suffered from this condition, these wipes at times are priceless.(LOL)
Deal 2 :  Next I bought 2 pks of the carefree liners, on sale for $1.00 ea.
 I had 2 50 cent off coupons, one for each pack and I also had the $1.00 for 2 pks coupon from Rite Aid video. Free I just love free.
 I added the Cepacol  drops on sale for 2.50, and the Burt's Bees cough drops that were on sale for $1.49.
 I handed the clerk my $3.00 RR,  out of pocket 99 cents. She gave me back $2.50 RR on the Cepacol Drops and $1.49 RR on the Burt's Bees drops.

Deal 3: I purchase 2 boxes 4ct Slim Jim  $1.00 each and 1 Bayer Asp 81mg 32 ct on sale for 2.99 .
I gave the clerk my $3.99 in RR from deal 2 out of pocket on this deal was $1.00.  Oh I almost forgot she gave me back $2.00 RR

Deal 4: 1 box of Sweet & Low on sale for $2.49 I gave the clerk my $2.00 RR out of pocket 49 cents.
So I had to dig in my purse for another 24 cents.

Retail before sale price and RR was $19.94       out of pocket was $3.59 cents. I saved $16.35 on my lunch break today.

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