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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a reminder: Walgreens Cottenelle deal ends to day.

The Double roll 12 pack of Cottenelle Ultra (in the purple pack) Is $5.00 if you buy 2 packs, you will get $3.00 back in RR's. Good deal, it gets even better the Oct savings book has a dollar off coupon on the purchase of one pack. So get 2 books tear out the coupons, now they are $ 4.00 each. Check you coupon stack for the 50 cents off on coupon that was in the Sunday papers, use 2 now you are paying $7.00 for 2 packs. You also are getting your  $3.00 RR. That means you are getting, 24 double rolls for $4.00 that"s $2.00 a pack. It comes out about 17 cents a roll for double rolls, great deal. I did this early in the week, wanted more, they ran out. Sent the hubby there today, and it was back in stock. Now really can you ever have to much T.P. ?
Hope you get in on the deal.

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