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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Save-a-dime: With CVS I just earned another $10.00 Gas Card....

Transaction 1:  Zyrtec 5-count is $5.99.  I had a 2.00 off coupon, just paid $3.99. This one was a money maker, I got back $5.99 in RR's  Free.
I bought the Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20 ct. for $3.00, had a $1.50 coupon and paid $1.50. Got back $1.00 RR. 50 cents for a 20 count bottle is not bad.
Now check your coupons for the $5.00 John Frieda Collection, luckily, I had 2.  If you buy 2 of these products you earn $3.00 in RR's.  The Shampoo is on sale for $5.00, so my coupons made them free and I earned $3.00.  I just love free, plus earning money to buy something we can use.
So I earned $9.99 in transaction 1.  Out of pocket-$5.49.

Now I need to purchase the $30.00 of items that will earn me my $10.00 gas card.
  • 5 bottles of Diet Pepsi on sale for $0.88- limit 5   4.40
  • Doritos 2 packs for $6.00                                           6.00
  • Nutter butter cookies 2/$5                                       5.00
  • Reese P b cups BOGO                                                4.69
  • Wesson oil 48 oz BOGO                                             10.58
  •                                      total                                              30.67
  •                                      minus RR                                      9.99                          
  •                                                                                           20.68 total cost
  •                                                                               and I got back a $10.00 gas card to boot.

Out of pocket 26.17 before sales tax
The Retail on these items and $10.00 gas card, before sales prices and coupons, would have been $94.38.
That means with promo, sales, and coupons I saved 68.21 on this trip.

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Sandy said...

Thanks Casey for sharing!

Swag Bucks ! It's like finding free cash....

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