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Friday, June 17, 2011

Save-a-Dime : My thanks to Office Depot

I went to cash in my coupon, for a package of 5 Sharpie Accent Highlighters, at Office Max. I couldn't find them so I asked a nice young man to help me out. As we walked toward the isle he turn and said " This coupon is for Office Max, you are at Office Depot." (Okay if my daughters are reading this, I know you are laugh at me, cause you always think I am losing it,)

    " I guess  I won't be using this coupon today" I answered.
As I was leaving the store a young woman at the checkout asked " Did you find what your were looking for?"

I explained I was in the wrong store to use this coupon. She replied " I can comp it for you."
I didn't know That Office Depot did comp pricing. Thanks to her great customer service I didn't have to drive to another store to get the free item. I wasn't even charged sales tax, they were free.

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