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Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you know what you can do with Efferdent besides clean your dentures?

Drain in you sink running a little slow? Drop 3 or 4 Efferdent tablets into the clogged drain, fill with water, now just let it sit overnight.
The denture cleaning tablet will loosen caked grease and debris.


michael said...

Great tip, I saved Millions alone from this blog!!!

Casey said...

Thanks for your comment.
If you're saving millions I wished you would share that secret with all of us.
This blog is just what it says, save a dime.
My goal is that it will help people on a tight budget.
Hope to see you back here soon, thanks for dropping in. It's nice to receive comments, that way I know someone is out there. And remember 10 dimes saved makes a dollar, you have to start somewhere.

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