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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Coupons

Do you use coupons? Well if you want to save a dime you should.

these are free..... just click the link
This is a free coupon deal from Betty Crocker just click the above link and print the coupons your family will use.

Interesting fact: Is Betty Crocker a real person or not? Not. She was made up by a Minneapolis baking company in 1921. When customers wrote and asked for help, they were sent letters signed "Betty Crocker." She wasn't real. The idea was to make customers feel they were getting friendly service. A few years later, she even got her own radio show. Actresses just pretended to be her. In 1976 the company made the first picture of Betty Crocker by blending the faces of lots of women at the company.Since then the picture's been changed several times. Funny, even though her name's been on cookbooks and baking products for many years, she never looks any older. But people believed she was real.

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