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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rite AidTransaction one Sunday 1/12/2014.
Started this deal with $6.00 in UP REWARDS.
 Turned the $6.00 into $12.00 UP REWARDS.I bought 2 cans of Atloids my price was $1.83 per can. Got back 2.00 in ups for each can. That makes them a money maker.  I purchased the Max Freeze Roll On for $8.00 and got back $8.00 in ups.  Before sale price and UP REWARDS the retail was $14.57. Out of pocket wad 5.65  that is a savings of $8.92. And I left the Store with $12.00 in  UP REWARDS to shop with tomorrow. I will let you know how far I can make this $12.00 dollars go.

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