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Sunday, November 11, 2012

JCPenney has created JCP Rewards. You essentially earn points for every purchase you make with your registered debit/credit card. Those points in turn add up to rewards each month. Just for signing up you will receive a $10 JCP Rewards Certificate. You will print your certificate after completing your new member registration. Pretty sweet!!

I have a little dog named Roxie This is not her, but she looks much like this dog
. It seems her favorite thing to do, is to chew the zippers out of my bathrobes
.If I forget and leave it with in her reach, she will attack the zipper! She just can't seem to help her self.
So I was very happy to Get my $10.00 reward from JCP this week.
 Because you guessed it she has trashed another bathrobe.
 I went to the store on Saturday and found 2 Bathrobes on clearance in my size. Hooray retail price $30.00 each mark down to $12.00 each so I decided just to buy both for $24.00 took off the $10.00 coupon $14.00 for 2 that's only $7.00 each great deal.
At this price I won't feel so bad when she chews these up. LOL 
So $60.00 dollar retail for $14.00 that is a savings of $46.00.
  She is such a good girl most of the time.... It is her only fault.

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