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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Save-a-dime: With the help of Kroger and coupons:Today I became an Extreme Couponer

I have been at this coupon thing for quite a while. And it has been my goal to walk of the grocery store with them owing me money.  Today was that day for me. I walked out of Kroger with 172.28 worth of items. Did not even have to pay the tax. And I still have $2.57 credit left on my Kroger card to use on my next trip.
Wow it was great to leave the store with a full shopping cart and not owe them any money from my checking account. No I don't do this good every week, but this week I clipped and I saved.
I also earned 207 points toward the 10 cents off a gallon program with the purchase of my free food.


Love to hear what your best deal was this week. Leave me a comment.

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