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Monday, October 3, 2011

What can you buy with one dollar at Wal-Mart this week.?
If you bought 4 Sunday papers like I did, you have 4 Cover Girl coupons that say buy 2 Cover Girl products and get $8.00 off.
Did you know the Cheekers Blush is $3.74 so when you buy 2 that is $7.48.
Wal-Mart gives you the overage so you are making 52 cents with every 2 you buy.
They are paying you to take them out the door....
I bought 8 of the Cheekers Blush. I also bought 2 Tic Tac breath mints. They were price at 1.04 ea. I had the $1.00 off coupon that came with Sundays paper, buy 2 get $1.00 off.
The clerk rang them up: Subtotal before coupons was $32.00, after coupons were taken off I paid less than the sales tax would have been. The sales tax was $2.15.
What I paid was $1.15

If you have your Sunday paper, and you haven't looked at the coupons, this is a great deal.
It's a good way to save some dimes.


Granny Annie said...

I am compelled to inquire just how much Cheekers Blush you use? It would take me ten years to go through eight and make-up expires after 3 years...

My verification word is "chums" and I hope we are:)

Casey said...

I give the ones I don't use as gifts to family and friends. I find it makes people smile when you share a great deal you find. I also donate to the food pantry. I figure that if they are having trouble buying food then things like this would be something they couldn't buy either. So why leave it on the shelf someone will use it.

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