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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Save-a-Dime: Use The Coupon Clippers

I love this web site... I have been ordering coupons from them for about a year now.
 Before I found them I would send my husband to Kroger every Sunday for the Newspaper, we always bought 4 because I always wanted to be stocked up on coupons.
The problem with this method is that I had a mountain of coupons that I never used! I gave away as many as
I could, but they were still everywhere.
Then I found The Coupon Clippers, now I order just the ones I know I will use, and stock up on the ones
I use alot.
Have you every been in line and seen the lady in front of you buy 6 or 12 of one item and when she handed the clerk her coupons she had bought the items for little of nothing?
That is because she caught the sale price and probably had double coupons and since she had plenty of coupons she stocked up on her favorite item and the lowest price point.
It works!  I do it all the time !!!!
So check them out.  Just Click on the Promo box on the right side of my blog, check it out, you're going to love them.

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