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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Save-a-dime: With CVS, I DID !!!

Okay, here goes, transaction #1

Skintimate shaving cream was $3.49. RR was $3.49 ( Gotta love free!!)


I bought the Olay 27 count eye derma pods. Normal price-$29.99. On sale for $25.oo, RR $10.ooI even got a sample tube of regenerating body lotion included free.
Next, I bought Covergirl SimplyAgeless foundation. Normal price $15.99. On sale for $13.00.
I also purchased Covergirl Mascara. Normal price $8.49, on sale $7.oo.
If you spend $20.00 on Covergirl products, you get a $10.00 RR.

On to check-out:

I had the $3.49 RR and a $2.00 CVS COUPON and the $5.00 off $30.oo dollar coupon they sent me in my e-mail .
Before tax and out of my pocket $34.51.
And I got $20.00 in RR

Transacation #3

I am now paying with the $20.00 RR
3x12packs of Diet Coke on sale for $11.00 with a $3.00 RR
2 tubes of Aquafresh Extreme toothpaste on sale 2 for $5.00, normal price $3.19 each
1 12roll pack of Chamin basic on sale $5.49, normal price $7.49

On to Check Out.

2x75 cent coupons for the toothpaste
$10.00 RR
S10.00 RR
They owed me 1cents toward my sales tax!
and I got a $3.00 RR


Kotex ultra thin 40 count on sale for 9.00 for 2 packs, normal price $6.19 each
I had a cvs coupon for $1.50 off the Kotex
I had the $3.00 RR
And I had an internet coupon for $2.00 off 2 pks of Kotex.
out of pocket
$2.50 before sales tax
and I got a RR for $2.oo

Transacation #5

We were out of Hefty zip lock bags, what luck they had the 8ct boxes for $1.oo.
Back to check out we go.
gave them my $2.oo RR. NOTHING OUT OF POCKET....


Kristen said...

You did do good this week!

CherryBlossomGirl said...

That is just great shopping there. Especially the shaving cream, that stuff is really expensive sometimes.

Together We Save said...

Wow you did really well. I love CVS.

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