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Monday, January 26, 2009


You have to love the bogo deals, and when you have coupons...Need I say more.

The retail on this trip; $148.57, after vendor coupons, store coupons, bogo deals, and advantage buy savings... drum roll, please. I paid $47.69.

I think this might be a personal best for me at Publix.

I have friends tell me they don't have time to coupon. I did put about an hour in to getting the coupons together, and it took me about an hour in the store to get the things in the buggy.

I saved $100.88 dollars, they sure don't pay me $50.00 an hour at my job.

So I have to say to everyone who tells me they don't have the time, I can't afford not to take the time!


Maria D. said...

Wow! That's really impressive! Where do you get most of your coupons?

Casey said...

I always buy 4 sunday papers, as the Coupon Mom suggest.Our Kroger has the papers 2 for the price of one on Sundays. I have recently started purchasing some coupons from the coupon clippers. I like the site because you just pick what you will use.
Don't forget .
It takes awhile to get a good coupon stash going. I have found that when people know you are into using your coupons, they bring you theirs. The main thing is, to clip what you use and stock up when the price point is a good deal.
I got jolly time popcorn for free this week I had coupons for 6 boxes.Publix had them on sale for 3 boxes for 3 dollars. My coupons where for 50 cents they double them, and 6 boxe were free except the sales tax.
This week end when I visit my local $1.00 movie I will pop a bag and take it with me.

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