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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So you say you want to save gas?

Every one I talk to these days, say they want to save gas. They are spending too much of their budget on fuel! Everything I read says, that if we slow down, drop our speed to 55 miles per hour, that we will indeed save money on our fuel.
So will someone please tell me why it is that when you drive the 55 miles an hour to save money on you fuel cost, there is always some **** that either honks, or flips you unwelcome sign language.
I would be willing to bet these are the same people who say they are trying to save on on their fuel cost.
Do you know that driving 10 mph above 65 is like adding 74 cents to the price of a gallon of gas. If you slow down that 10 mph it will save you at least 180.00 in a year.
So the next time you're flying down the road and making unwanted sign language at people, PLEASE stop and think, this person may really be trying to reduce their fuel cost, and conserve energy, maybe they are just trying to

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