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Saturday, August 9, 2008


JVC Mini DVD Camcorder
wide screen! 35x optical zoom/800x digital zoom, 2.7" LCD screen, digital still function, dual recording capability * Multi-Pack Digital Video Cassettes Also Available
SAVE 20% compare to $249.99

This is to all you young moms out there, if you haven't all ready invested in a
camcorder. Why not? Your children grow up so fast, before you know it you will want to look back at the precious moments of their lives.
It brings everyone such pleasure. My daughters were at there grandmothers not long a go and their Uncle Randy had had some old family movies transferred to DVD form.
Even my grand kids enjoyed watching them. My oldest grandson told me that I looked like a hippie in those days. I corrected him, I just looked cool.

If you haven't already bought your self a camcorder, its money well spent, you can't put a price tag on your families memories .

This is save -a-dime so do your homework before you buy and find the best deal for you family.

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