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Thursday, July 10, 2008



Saving for your kid's college education now: Smart.Getting Upromise® to help: Brilliant.
Now your everyday spending can pay you back.With extra money for college.Before you know it, your kids will be ready for college. That's why you'll want to make the most of the time you have to save for their education now. And one of the best ways is with Upromise — a completely free service that offers money back based on your everyday spending. Join Upromise today, and you can receive money from Upromise partners just for shopping online through the site. You can also earn money back from doing the things you do every day, from going out to eat at partner restaurants, to buying groceries, even filling the gas tank —you name it. It's that simple.
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Q: What does it cost to use the Upromise service?A: It's FREE, now and always. Q: Where does the money come from?A: The money you earn back on your spending comes from Upromise partners — not out of your pocket. Q: Who are the Upromise partners?A: Hundreds of America's leading companies. And over 8,000 Upromise Dining restaurants. Q: Why are they willing to put money into my Upromise account?A: Two reasons: They want you to be a customer, and they believe in the value of higher education. Q: Come on. What's the catch?A: No catch. Upromise was started because we wanted to help make paying for college easier for others. And so do our partners. Q: I don't know much about Upromise. Is it new?A: Upromise has been around since 2001, and has helped members save over $400 million for college » Find out more!

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Jeff Frese said...

I started a company that lets anybody in your circle of friends and family gift directly into your child's 529 plan. So instead of another Barbie Doll or shirt from the Gap people can gift into your child's plan. It's a simple site and concept that helps people save for college and give meaningful gifts. The site is

I also write a blog on saving for college the site is

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